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Are you suffering from depression?

Depression and anxiety are on the rise. In France, the latest figures show that the number of people suffering from depression has doubled in the past few months from 10% to 21% (1 in 5 of the French population). In the UK the figures are similar (around 19% in June 2020). This pandemic has accentuated the mental health crisis.

“I feel tired, sad, lethargic, have trouble concentrating, and my sleep is affected. I no longer have a centre of interest and am isolating myself, my mood is very changeable and my body weight has greatly decreased / increased in recent times. I'm having dark thoughts…" Here are some signs that you may be suffering from depression.

Depression is classified as the number one morbidity factor and the number one cause of disability in the world according to the World Health Organization. It affects all social classes and all ages. Women are the most affected (up to twice as many as men). Adolescents and young adults are particularly affected at this time.

The anxiety-provoking situation in which we currently live contributes to the increase in the number of people suffering from this illness. If you know someone who might be depressed, don't hesitate to talk about it and break the taboo.

If you are in pain yourself, do not isolate yourself; instead seek the support of a trusted person around you, contact your GP, and do not be afraid to contact a psychotherapist.

Therapy can be very effective in treating depression and can alleviate stress and anxiety. Do not wait for symptoms to persist or worsen.

I remain at your disposal for advice.