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Alex Boyle

UKCP registered psychotherapist
I offer both specialist Leadership Coaching within organisations and Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy for individuals.

£75 per 50 min session  
Alex Boyle, therapist at glyde

More about Alex

Leadership Coaching draws on high level humanistic and integrative psychology to facilitate the outstanding leadership qualities required for optimal performance in an age of global responsibilities and collaborative social endeavour. I have worked with lawyers, City financiers, and senior executives in many industries.

Psychosynthesis is an advanced development of classical psychoanalytic, analytic, counselling and psychotherapeutic theory and techniques. Its application and techniques are for both long and short-term client relationships, including, for example, a fixed number or series of sessions for CBT purposes.

Further, psychosynthesis psychotherapy broadens its vision to encompass the spiritual impulse common to all traditions, which leads the individual on in his or her quest for the unique meaning of their life and its ultimate fulfilment.

Psychosynthesis extends its field of endeavour to include techniques ranging through art, guided visualisation, dreamwork and imagination, sub-personality work, right relationship models, group dynamics, family dynamics, addiction and much more, so that each individual, in his or her own way, is offered an opportunity to re-evaluate their life and bring about change and personal growth, especially when:

• You want to become more at ease with yourself
• You are undergoing a major change in circumstances – for example, through illness, bereavement, employment or divorce
• You want to improve your relational skills or change relationship patterns
• You are experiencing various forms of stress or distress in your life
• You want to explore feelings of anger or depression
• You’d like to build self-confidence and self-esteem
• You are feeling a sense of isolation or meaninglessness in your life, perhaps related to the change of life and mid-life issues
• You are interested in your own personal growth and want to realise creative energies
• You want to identify the blockages and mindsets that impede fulfilling your potential in the workplace or personal relationships

Psychosynthesis, with its special focus on the development of human potential, aims to encourage people to acknowledge needs at all levels of being: this includes the health of the body, the emotions, the mind and the spiritual or transpersonal dimension. It recognises the influence of past events on the life of every human being and that each individual has a deeper centre of identity; it emphasises each person’s potential for healing and growth and the individual’s capacities for choice.

Making contact

Alex offers video calls via Skype. Sessions will begin by phone, and you will then be offered the choice to switch to a video call.

Practising address

Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3SU


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