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Why work with glyde?

We think a lot more people need mental health help than currently receive it.

So, we want to make qualified therapists as accessible as possible and we think doing it by phone or video calling, combined with simple online booking and a relatable, less 'clinical' brand, is part of the solution.

We also understand that the profession is tough on therapists; business can be hard to come by and offices are expensive.

We've created a platform to help therapists fill their diaries and to help clients find the help they need with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of privacy.

For therapists, there's an integrated calendar that gives total flexibility and requires a minimum of effort – you can also use this free of charge for your non-glyde bookings. Plus, we've taken care of PCI compliance (the headaches that come with accepting credit cards!)

We've also added a blogging system to allow therapists to attract clients by sharing their thoughts (a link to the therapist's calendar appears at the top of each blog post)- here's an example.

Our platform works equally well on phones, tablets, and computers so you can operate from anywhere.

There are no upfront fees: we take a 20% commission on bookings placed via our website to cover marketing, credit card processing fees and the cost of running glyde. We charge zero commission for all bookings placed within 30 days of your first booking to allow you to try our system for free.

How will I get clients?

We work with both private and corporate clients: if your profile is clear and concise (with a fabulous profile pic) and you offer decent availability you should win both.

You can also promote yourself via our integrated blog: your most recent posts will be listed at the foot of your profile and indexed by search engines. Anyone reading your posts can click through to your profile and calendar.

Another good tip is to add your practising address to your profile, as it’s helpful for clients to understand who you are and if they want to find someone local to them.

Therapists are displayed in a randomised order on the therapists page, so everyone is promoted fairly.

Why online booking?

The online booking system on which glyde is based has been in use since 2014. We think that this is the best approach because…

  1. The ability to book online, rather than phoning or emailing, is often more attractive to first-time clients who may be nervous.
  2. Clients can book when it's convenient for them – day or night. Bookings are often placed at unusual hours!
  3. Instant gratification: clients can book, amend or cancel appointments with immediate confirmation.
  4. Advance payment by credit card reduces no shows.

Most importantly, we hope that this encourages more people to take that first step.

But I already have a practice?

We always intended glyde to sit alongside existing practices. So, we've made managing your glyde calendar as simple as possible so that you can use it (free of charge) for all your non-glyde bookings as well as your glyde bookings.

Whether you have some space in your diary that you’d like to fill or whether you’d like to work extra hours - and possibily outside of the usual workday - you can use glyde for this, in addition to your current clients.

What qualifications do I need?

You must be registered with either the BACP or UKCP. You'll need to provide your registration number when signing up with us.

What about insurance?

You must have your own professional indemnity insurance: you'll need to send us a scan or photo of your certificate before we can approve your listing on our website. We'll also ask for proof that this has been renewed annually upon its expiration.

Which days and hours can I work?

That's entirely up to you – you set your own availability and you can adjust it if circumstances change.

Can clients book multiple appointments at once?

Yes, after they've booked their first appointment. You can also book appointments for your clients as they may wish to block-book you whilst you're speaking to them.

How much will I earn?

You set your own fee for each 50-minute session - from £30 to £130. We hope that this will not only give you some flexibility, but will also attract various clients with various budgets.

From this fee, glyde takes a 20% commission to cover marketing, credit card processing fees and the cost of running glyde, and the remaining 80% goes to you, the therapist.

We charge zero commission for all bookings placed within 30 days of your first booking to allow you to try our system for free.

Private clients pay when booking using a credit card; corporate clients are invoiced monthly for any sessions provided to their staff.

In either case, we pay our therapists monthly via BACS on the first working day of the month for any sessions provided during the previous month. For any appointments provided within 30 days of your first booking, you will be paid the next working day to allow you to try our system without compromising your cash flow.

Do you offer face to face therapy?

No – only via video calling or phone. This allows us to offer more choice and greater flexibility to clients and therapists.

Can I talk to you before signing-up?

Of course! Please and we can arrange a convenient time to speak.