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This will be the name of your company as it appears on your company's glyde page - this would usually be your trading name.


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These will appear on your invoices.


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Who we'll contact if needed.


Your email address

Your staff will need to use an email address with the same suffix: if your email address is '', we'll only allow your staff to use '' email addresses when booking.

Your staff will need to validate their email address as part of each booking process: a validation code will be sent to their '' email address so we're sure the email address is valid.

You'll be able to whitelist other email addresses once you've created your account.

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Maximum number of sessions

You can set a maximum number of sessions per member of staff per annum. If a member of staff reaches their limit they will have an option to request more and you'll be able to decide on a case-by-case basis.

Please select your session cap.

Maximum session price

You can set a maximum therapist fee per session: any therapists who charge more will not be offered to your staff.

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Maximum session price failsafe

glyde is a 'live' booking platform, meaning we only display therapists with availability within 10 days.

Because of this, it is possible (although highly unlikely) that there may be no available therapists within your budget when your staff view all therapists available to them, so we built in an optional failsafe.

If there are no available therapists within your budget, our system will add £5.00 to your maximum session price until at least one therapist is found.

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Low balance reminder

We'll email you when your balance is low.

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