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For The Very First Time

“First time, first love,
Oh what feeling is this”

Roxette – For The Very First Time

I just read a great piece on a website for watch lovers about what happens when a newbie goes shopping for a Rolex.

The writer loved how the watch felt on her wrist for the first time - “Even not looking at it, just standing there with my arm at my side, I felt a substantial lift in mood" - but that isn't the point I wanted to make.

For me the crux was in the unusually-warm reader comments, and in particular:

“...we forget that joy that came from putting on our very first expensive watch. If we're honest with ourselves, I'd say many of us are chasing that feeling only to become disappointed with increasing expediency every time we try on a new watch”.

The commentor made me realise that the trick is to constantly remind ourselves why certain things (or people or places) add colour to our lives.

When I went shopping for a wedding shirt, I tried on one from Tom Ford. It felt amazing - I had no idea that a shirt could feel that good - but it cost a ridiculous amount and I didn't buy it. What I'd like to think is that one day, if I could afford a shirt like this, I'd smile to myself each time I put it on. Before immediately beginning to fret that my 4 year old daughter would get glitter on it.

This isn't restricted to fancy watches and dress-wear of course.

I love that fat grass that grows in hot places and always make a point of walking barefoot on manicured lawns of this when I see one and don't think I'll get caught.