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Top 3 Practical Winter Tips for You and Your Workspace

Bring your spring clean early this year, and make some simple changes to your routine and desk space to improve your mood, productivity and sense of joy!

Make sure your body knows what time it is

Workers that sit near sunnier windows, or near daylight, sleep 46 minutes more per night (Emma Morley, Workplace Designer).  So get yourself some daylight and here are some ideas for getting your brain those endorphins and Vitamin D:

  • Put on a coat and go outside with a mug of tea for 10 mins
  • Wake up with yoga/light stretching in the most sunlit space you can find
  • Work near natural light or get yourself a light box
Let your body know that it’s time to get on with the day!

Design your workspace for you

When people have control over their working area, productivity goes up by 32% so ask yourself “What do I need to make my day better?” (Rebecca Seal, Author of “Solo”)

Whether you are in the office, or working from home, your workspace needs to reflect what works for you. Top Tips are:

  • Daylight - or even pictures of the sky - with a plant in the room
  • Work where you feel best – you may like to read on the sofa and do analysis at your desk! 
  • Put a splash of a calming colour in your vision. Brits generally find green helps productivity! (The Spaniards like blue, and French prefer orange!)

Keep your body moving 

At the 2020 MAD World conference it was reported that headaches and back problems caused the most mental health issues. Here’s our tips from world experts to keep moving and injury free:

  • Get up every 30 minutes to walk for 2 minutes (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology )
  • Five x four second sprints on an exercise bike every hour in the working day (Human Performance Lab in Texas)

BONUS: The last and most important...

Give yourself a break when you need it. Don't judge yourself for having down days, and not living up to what you think is other people's experience - you will have good times and bad, as will everyone else - so give yourself a break and look after your friends, family, and your own mind, without judgement.