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The fable of the cracked tooth

One summer's evening last year I was sitting happily with my wife in our favourite pizza place. My pizza arrived (Fiorentina with tuna), and I tucked in. Seconds later, I’d taken a bite that hurt badly: I reached into my mouth and pulled out a piece of plastic. Not our favourite pizza place any more.

Many winces later, my dentist still can’t be sure which tooth is the problem. I started to naturally chew slower - that way if I hit the spot it’s less painful.

The weirdest thing is that I now enjoy my food more: because I can't wolf it down, I inadvertently get to taste each mouthful more fully and I’ve started to notice individual flavours more.

Much of the stuff I've learned about mindfulness and meditation is just about registering the present moment better. Once you get the hang of that, difficult times become easier - you understand that a difficult moment is just a moment, and it will pass.

Conversely, I find that I also enjoy the good times more because I don't rush so much and try to stop to enjoy the sensations more - like running my fingers through my daughter's curly hair: it feels nice and I try to register the moment and how much I'm enjoying it.

The trick with mindfulness and meditation, and probably anything to do with the mind, is that these aren't emergency tools to quickly master in times of crisis - they're tools to be learned when life's good to help avoid a crisis in the first place.

That's what we're trying to do with glyde: help disseminate the tools needed for a healthier mind.