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Welcome to glyde

I don't have a background in therapy and consequently many people have asked 'why glyde?' - so I'll explain.

A few years ago I began noticing friends of mine (men mostly) posting comments on Facebook alluding to depression. The first two were big, strapping happy-go-lucky guys. This really surprised me - I had no idea they had problems.

I started to tune in to the vast numbers of people out there with mental health problems (including, as it turned out, a few members of my family) and started to wonder if a slightly less clinical approach combined with online booking could entice those people too nervous to make the first step.

I realised that I already had one of the building blocks - the online booking system which I'd built for Iris Optical in 2014 - and could build glyde without requiring outside investment, meaning I could simply ask therapists for their input and move quickly without needing to run every decision past a board or investors.

What's more, my wife is a copywriter: she could ensure that we nailed the tone of voice - relatable. We wanted to normalise therapy.

I started thinking about this seriously in Feb 2019, and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it - so I was able to delegate most of my Iris Optical duties and started working on glyde full-time.

In a nutshell - I wanted to do something worthwhile and, with input from my missus and the enthusiastic therapists who helped me mould the idea, thought the plan just might work.

We'll see.